Minneapolis, St. Paul Gutter Contractor

Screw Anchor Replacement:

Your gutters are held up with a smooth shaft nail. When we do a 'screw anchor replacement' we pull out all the nails in the gutter, re-pitch it if necessary so the water flows in the right direction and replace the nails with seven inch screw anchors. We give a lifetime warranty that the gutter will never pull off the house again. When a gutter fills up with water it gets very heavy, Combined that with the fact that the only thing holding your gutter up is a smooth shaft nail that has no real bite or hold into the wood and easily detach. When you call Charlie Walker Companies we don't just go up there and hammer the nails back in. We will replace your nails with screw anchors.

Leaking Corners:

First, we scrape out the old sealant that's in the gutter. Then we clean the surface area of debris & mud. Next we scuff the surface of the gutter with sandpaper so the new sealant has something to grab onto. Finely we apply a coat of liquid rubber to the entire corner. We don't use generic caulking and lay a bead on the seam. We actually take a paintbrush and coat the entire corner 6" past both seams, and the give you a 5 year leak proof warranty.

Gutter Installations:

We use .032 gauge aluminum, the heaviest and thickest gauge aluminum sold on the market today. We come to your house in a 15 foot box truck with a crew of 3 or 4 guys. Your gutters are custom made for your house on sight. Not brought in piece and then glued together. These are seamless with a high glow white finish or a royal brown finish. We also have 16 other custom colors to choose from. We also offer seamless copper gutters.

We use a sold metal hidden hanger that gets screwed, not nailed, into your house. The hangers are spaced two feet or less apart for superior strength.

The down spouts are also put up with hidden clips, which screw into the house and hang the leader. No ugly strap. If you have underground lines we have adaptor for those lines which we'll install at no additional charge. We also offer and install the larger 3x4 oversized leaders. Nine times less likely to clog and handle almost twice the water volume as standard 2x3 leaders.

The corners are double coated for superior leak protection. The first coat goes between the aluminum, which is then screwed together. The second is a liquid rubber type adhesive that gets painted on. We paint the hole inside of the corner and 6 inches beyond the seam.

Our gutters have and worry free 30 year warranty covering material and labor. You'll no longer have to worry about the finish of the gutter pealing, leaking corners, end caps, or seams, miss pitching, sagging, or gutters pulling off the house.

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