Minneapolis, St. Paul Copper & Steel Gutters

Charlie Walker Companies prides itself in being an industry leader on providing the top quality copper 1/2 round gutter management system. Using the best quality copper materials and workmanship makes Charlie Walker Companies the right choice for your home. Copper gutters in Minnesota will mark your home with a timeless feel that will differentiate your home with a pristine look.

Minnesota half round copper gutters are extremely durable. It is not uncommon to see half round copper gutter systems that were installed on Minnesota homes more than 50 years ago still perform like new. It is a definite testament to their durability considering the extreme temperatures that Minnesota homes are forced to withstand year in and year out.

In addition to this durability, half round copper gutters also operate more efficiently than most other gutter systems. Their rounded bottom helps keep the water flowing quickly and freely. This reduces the amount of debris that can get caught up in the 1/2 round copper gutter.

Charlie Walker Companies in Denver Colorado provided the ultimate experience for installing copper 1/2 round gutters. CWC currently has employee's from Colorado that were hand-picked to Minnesota to specialize in this craftsmanship. Our experts of the trade, supervise and teach other installers on these methods that were honed in the mountains of Colorado. These methods truly set CWC apart from other competition.


5" half round copper
6" half round copper
European Copper half round
5" K-Style copper gutter
3" copper round downspouts
4" copper round downspouts

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